Meal plans are required for all campus residents with the exception of those living in the Hale Wainani and Hale Noelani apartments.

Meal plans may be used at any Student Affairs Dining location on campus. This includes Campus Center Food Court, Jamba Juice, Pizza Hut, Ba-le, Starbucks, Simply to Go, the Market and both Resident Dining Cafes. Each meal may be used for one buffet-style meal at the resident dining locations or has a retail value of $5.50. 

Please call (808) 956-3663 (FOOD). You may also call (808) 956-8177 if you live on campus or (808) 956-7236 if you live off campus.

You must report a lost card by calling (808) 956-7236 or by going to the Campus Center Ticket, Information and ID office.  A “hold” will then be placed on your card and will deactivate your card for any further usage by you or anyone else.. You may also place a hold on your own card by visiting You may obtain a temporary ID card for dining access.  If your card is not found, you will need to purchase a new one from Campus Center Ticket, Information and ID Office. If your card does not work, the Ticket Office is the only facility able to fix it, and we will not be able to accommodate you in our facility until the card is fixed. We apologize in advance for any problems that this may cause.

Yes, you may either dine in or take-out, but not both. Take out biodegradable containers are available for $0.50. Remember though that dining in is all you can eat, when you take out, you may only use the approved container which must be closed all the way when leaving. 

Manoa Dining Services has an open door policy. Feel free to stop by anytime you have a question, concern or comment regarding food service. Our main telephone number is (808) 956-3663.  You may also fill out a comment on our website, or text us a comment by texting the keyword ”Manoa” and your feedback to the number: 82257.

Students living on campus can purchase their Meal plans at the Student Housing Services Office at Frear Hall. Please call (808) 956-8177 for more information. Students living off-campus can purchase their meal plans at the Campus Center Ticket, Information and ID Office located on the 2nd floor of the Campus Center building. If you live off-campus and would like to purchase a meal plan, please visit here and download the form “ Meal Plan Application Form” and fax the filled form to (808) 956-3917. Family and friends can also purchase additional dining dollars for their students with Manoa One Card at (great gift idea!)

If you are using the equivalency swipe of $5.50 at a retail dining location, yes you may use more than one swipe per meal period.  In resident dining (Gateway Cafe and Hale Aloha) you are not allowed more than one meal swipe per period.  Your meal swipe is also only for the person on the ID, meals may not be used for someone else.

Your University of Hawai’i at Mānoa student ID serves as your meal card. 

Food locations that are not a part of the University of Hawaii Manoa Dining Services Program are operated by outside vendors, who do not contribute to the program’s fixed costs.  Therefore, allowing Meal plans usage at those locations would siphon funds to outside vendors and cause a significant increase to the cost of your meal plan.

At the end of the academic year Meal plans points will be forfeited. Retail dining dollar points however, will not expire except after two years of inactivity.

We offer Simple Serving dishes free of the 8 most common allergens at Hale Aloha and Gateway Cafe. Simple Serving dishes are free of wheat, soy, milk, eggs, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, and gluten. We also have a registered dietitian on our campus who would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you would like to set up an appointment with our dietitian, or a manager, please call (808) 956-3663.We currently have many students with allergies and special dietary needs. We will do all we can to work directly with you to ensure that whatever dietary needs and constraints you have are met.

You can add Dining Dollars to your UH ID at the Campus Center Ticket, Information & ID Office OR online on the Manoa One Card Site. Guest Deposits can also be made online. Deposits of $50+ earn 5% in bonus dollars and deposits of $100+ earn 10% in bonus dollars.