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Hale Aloha Café serve your favorite comfort foods and cuisine influenced by global flavors.

Located at the center of the Hale Aloha Towers on the lower campus, Hale Aloha Cafe is open for dinner 7 days a week, and on the weekends for brunch.

Enjoy the Salad Bar, Grill, Pizza Station, Comfort Food Station, Dessert Bar, and more!

This location also offers the Simple Servings station which serves dished that do not contain the 8 most common allergens: milk, eggs, wheat, soy, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, and gluten. 

During the school year, customers look forward to Premium Night each Thursday. Premium Night offers large portion sizes and the entrees often include steak, local style bento, taco salads, and other rotating offerings.
(Premium Night entrees are one per meal swipe and not all-you-care-to-eat, but you can still eat as much sides, salads, pizza, etc. as you want)

You can choose to take out or dine in at this location.

Take Out Option: 

  • 1 meal swipe will allow you 1 take out container, cup, bowl, and cutlery to take out food.
  • You will select you food items by telling the server what you would like, and they will fill your containers. 
  • You must leave the dining room with your take out container and you may not eat in the dining room.
Dine In Option
  • 1 meal swipe will allow you to eat in our dining room with regular dishes and utensils.
  • Please always inform the sever that you are dining in.You will select you food items by telling the server what you would like, and they plate the food on dishes.
  • You may return to the different stations for more food. The servers will give you new plates and cups, so please do not bring your used dishes back up for more food. Please place your used dishes in the dish return area.
  • You may not take any food or beverage out of the dining room.
If you choose to dine in, we have implemented the following rules regarding seating arrangements.
Maximum 4 people per table. Please sit with people you are in contact with on a regular basis. Refrain from joining a group of people at a table if you do not know them. We are following the Hawaii State Department of Health Restaurant Reopening Guidelines and local government mandates, which allows no more than 5 people not living in the same household to be seated at a table together. We are being conservative by limiting the number of people to 4 per table in our locations. 
Do not move tables and chairs. Our dining rooms have been specifically designed with 6 feet of social distancing between tables.
Masks/face coverings may only be removed when eating and drinking.

Resident Dining Door Prices: 
(As of Fall 2020 Semester)

Breakfast: $10.50 
Lunch/Brunch: $11.75  
Dinner: $14.50 
Children age 3-6 years old are half-price 
Children under 2 are free

** Accepts Bonus Dollars

Hale Aloha Cafe often hosts special dining events, so be sure to check out our events section or follow us on social media!