Land a job before you even get to campus this fall! Make new friends. Shift meals and meal Discounts. Maybe even get a start on your career. Campus Dining Services offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to work on campus while they attend school. Students can gain valuable work experience and be a part of a great team when they join us, all while earning a paycheck. Roles are available across campus in most of our dining locations. Jobs include service roles in our dining and catering services, jobs at Starbucks and Jamba Juice, production roles in our kitchens To see current opportunities and job descriptions click HERE

Starbucks Barista-https://external-careers-frontlinesodexo.icims.com/jobs/815188/barista-i/job 

Jamba Juice Cashier -  https://external-careers-frontlinesodexo.icims.com/jobs/822642/cashier/job 

Cashier Food Service Worker - Hale Aloha Cafe-  https://external-careers-frontlinesodexo.icims.com/jobs/831186/cashier-food-service-worker/job 

UH Manoa Catering Service Worker-  https://external-careers-frontlinesodexo.icims.com/jobs/822646/catering-service-worker/job 

Grill Cook Campus Center Food Court -  https://external-careers-frontlinesodexo.icims.com/jobs/832562/cook---grill/job 

Senior Cook Campus Center Food Court -  https://external-careers-frontlinesodexo.icims.com/jobs/822644/cook---senior/job 

Cook at Hale Aloha Cafe-  https://external-careers-frontlinesodexo.icims.com/jobs/804554/cook-i/job